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Mydriad - my avataaarrr :D by Mydriad
by Mydriad

Beautiful work! I love the originality of this piece of work! The dance-like painting pose, the paint brushes and belt with paint and p...

Fairytopia by anxDesigns

This is a beautiful piece of work with a beautiful concept and some flawless photomanipulation! Firstly the floating mountain has been ...

:ujz: by UJz
If you want a critique on one of your critique enabled artworks feel free to send me a note with your artwork.

Designn Magazine 5th Edition

Ever thought about how you make perfect sense of your senses? 

2 deviants said Yes? :nod: Checkout my article about it at -…
1 deviant said :shrug: I'm not that sciencey...

Designn Project

Free Resources


:icondigitallycreated: :iconaroundtheearth: :iconrealm-of-fantasy:


You-Enter Commission
You-Enter Stage 3 Commission Payment 
You-Enter Commission
You-Enter Stage 2 Commission Payment 
Custom Journal Skins
Base Price: 750 Points
Custom journal skin with custom designed header, footer, 2 special sections and typography.

Pure Journal Skin by UJz  Colors - Free Journal Skin by UJz   Social Journal Skin by UJz 

Special Design: 1200 Points 
Custom designed or custom coded skins for special events, contests, interviews or journals. 

Designn Magazine Contest (Custom Journal Skin) by UJz   Honey, We're Getting a Monster (1 week remaining!)fancyQUACKS
A really hungry one...
Naughty monsters are running rampant in the city again - you know the kind! They're short, noisy and make constant mischief on our doorsteps; begging for candy despite buying perfectly good pumpkins the same day. What's their dastardly plan for all that food? They're up to no good and must be stopped.
We should feed the trick-or-treaters - to hungry, real monsters! There's a critter-shaped hole to this plan: we don't actually have any real monsters. But all we need are your designs to put into my Monster Making Machine to release them into the suburbs! Trick-or-treaters - gobbled up for good!
How does this work? I'm glad you asked. The "Monster Maker 2000" is my old, modified microwave and this invention will create flesh-and-blood monsters from designs. A little energy combined with your designs will help bring our glorious abomination to life.
Create & Submit
As Professor Pudds of Monsterology, I'm very busy and need super tummy-rumbling monster
Everything is designed, but not everything is designed well. Our goal is to educate about, inform about and spread creative design through our sites and services which help thousands of people around the world, every single day.
Designn was founded on DeviantART in 2011. Spotting a necessity in the digital world, Designn set out to provide the community with professional and free design resources, valuable articles and other useful services such as design sponsorships. From this beginning, as a single group with a handful of supporters, we have come to become an international project with support from every corner of the globe.
Artists, developers, students, teachers, executives and start-ups from all over the globe access, use and benefit from the services provided by Designn. The sites, magazines and blogs reach out to thousands of individuals across continents delivering valuable resources and servi

Group Front Page Skins: 2000 Points 
Custom designed journal skin for group front pages. (Including about sections, buttons and whatnot!) 
UI/UX Design
The Dosage by UJz
inPres by UJz
Aura Eco Power by UJz
Designn by UJz
24th by UJz
Weekly Teller: Logo and Web Design by UJz
Web designs (.psd files), can include multiple pages and 1 revision. 
HTML & CSS code for designs can be requested at an extra costs. 

(Note me for price quotations)


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Udara Jayawardena
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
Sri Lanka


I'm a generalist. I create and learn new things everyday, going from graphic designer to editor to web designer and developer is just what I do for fun. Do what you love, love what you do.


Founder of Designn, Editor-in-Chief of Designn Magazine and Co-Founder of Soosci.

An idea worth spreading

Today the world in moving forward in every aspect - technology, business, education, healthcare - but what about creativity? Tests (Such as Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking) have shown that over the decades our IQ scores have kept growing, but has shown a decline in creative thinking. In other words, we are smarter, yet less equipped to find novel approaches to problems.

Creativity applies to almost anything, and everyone is creative in their very own way - they just need to discover it and apply it to everything they do. A creative world is a better world.

I'm passionate about

Studying medicine, spreading creativity, making art, developing new technologies and solutions through creative thinking.

Areas of Expertise
Web & Design, Community & Youth Work, Foundations

Talk to me about
Technology, Arts & Design , Science, Web Development, Medicine,



Articles and Journals
31 deviations

What Are we?

The 24th Collective is a group of handpicked artists and freelancers collectively working on art and paid projects. We hope to achieve excellence in creative design by combining the best of a group of freelancers. In it's essence a global creative agency formed by freelancers working together. We believe in Success Through Collaboration.

The Idea & Concept

When companies or businesses hire freelancers they usually hope to get their work done at a relatively lower price than from a creative agency, and all freelancers have strengths and weaknesses; which means sometimes, the outcome of projects might not be of the same standard as that of a professional creative agency. With the 24th Collective we hope to do the best for both groups - making sure that freelancers aren't under-paid for their work and that the hiring agencies get the best possible final product through the combined effort from experts in each field.

For fREELANcers

When a new project comes up, we would assign a small team of selected freelancers along with a project manager to work on the project. Individual work is assigned accordingly by the manager and the whole project is managed through an online app like InVision or directly via email depending on the requirements. 

Freelancers are not required to work exclusively with the 24th Collective and they are able to accept or reject projects as they wish. Freelancers submit their price quotation for the work beforehand and the payments are made to the respective freelancers via PayPal. 

We're currently looking for:
Graphics Designers
UI/UX Designers
Digital Painters
Web Designers
Pixel Artists
Logo Designers 

Any member of the 24th Collective bringing in a new project to the group will receive a 5% commission off the project and all freelancers taking part in the project will be credited on the official portfolio. 

All 24th Collective freelancers are featured on our website and promoted constantly though our social media networks, they will also be entitled to other benefits such as free business cards and websites in the future based on their contributions to the collective. 

For Clients

Companies or businesses hiring us for their projects would first have to submit a detailed description of their project and the 24th Collective would do an analysis and  put together the best team of freelancers based on the specific needs. We would then provide a quotation for the project. If the quotation is approved we would begin work on the project.

The project manager would be the main point of contact for clients who will be able to view progress in the project and request for changes during the process. We provide a premium quality service for our clients through every step of the design process.

Interested clients are welcomed to get in touch via email
Invite Request Form

Join the Collective

The 24th Collective is currently invite only for freelancers and artists. If you’d like to be considered for an invite please submit a request through the official invite form stating your interest with links to your portfolio/website. 

The concept is currently a work in progress and we hope to improve this collective with time to make sure that it efficiently serves it's purpose; to fairly benefit both freelancers and the clients hiring us. If you would like more information regarding the project please leave a comment on this journal or send me (UJz ) a note.

Frequently asked questions

What type of design-contract is involved for design work? 
The contract being used will change depending on the project, it's usually a freelance agreement signed between the 24th Collective and the Client mentioning the individual designers involved. Copies will be sent to individual freelancer beforehand for approval.

Do the freelancers pay anything (commission)? 
The 24th Collective does not charge a fee from the freelancers. Freelancers are free to submit their own firm quotations for their portion of work which would be included in the complete project budget and paid in full on completion. Where necessary the 24th Collective will provide advice on quotations/pricing for the benefit of the freelancers. 

As mentioned previously, it is not required for freelancers to work exclusively with the 24th Collective. They simply will be members of the 24th Collective and are expected to participate in consultation or design work based on the project (paid work). 

The TwentyFourth: Freelance Collective
24th Collective / The TwentyFourth is a collaboration platform for freelancers and a creative agency and project management agency for clients. -

Got a question for us?
Leave a comment here or email us at
A drug I cannot live without. by UJz
A drug I cannot live without.
“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without” – Cecil B. DeMille 
Poster created for the Designn Project.

Purchase beautiful poster or framed prints at…
All proceeds from poster sales go towards funding Designn (www.designn.orgHeart 

Learn about Designn at our group DesignnHQ or


JustART: Feature 21

Sun Dec 14, 2014, 8:57 PM

The Bunny Band by Tinosukae
Sacred Animal by ShortCircuit123 Beyond the stars by aditya777 Sky by jeacn Parthenogenesis by AlMaNeGrA it will come over me as the sun goes down by DaSchu
Future World 2 by RudolfHerczog
Everlasting Moment by MikkoLagerstedt NYC Brooklyn Bridge by sensorfleck Peace Sound by MirellaSantana No Fear of New Adventures - Secret Santa by Whendell
Snow Dance by jaelise
Back Into the Fall by Miguel-Santos Burning Autumn by ShowMyColours Memory by chaoslavawolf There She Stood With by Frostie-Spirits
Vunsvagh by AlectorFencer
The Lord of the rainbow by moppaa MLP Movie Fan Poster by Animation100 Landscape 3 by Yakovlev-vad Waiting for Christmas - Secret Santa by Wesley-Souza Ice Phoenix by GENZOMAN
UAZ hotrod 2 by 600v
Draven ~ League of legends - Wallpaper by Aynoe
Dreamwalker III by Sturmideenkind  FOR SALE! =D by AtomiccircuS The Fox and the Cookie by MylaFox Mermaid by black-3G-raven
Hail Hydra by elsevilla
blugreen by Lukiya Fallen Angel by Michael-C-Hayes Don't worry baby Momma's coming by GeniusFetus Tomoya Osegawa advanced with water mark copy by chrisnfy85 Tokyo Ghoul by muju
Daenerys Targaryen sculpt by genci

Featured Literature & Journals

You Deserve to SmileDo what you have to do to be happy.
Eat an entire chocolate cake,
Swallow all the pills you need to take -
'Medication' isn't a dirty word.
Wear a princess dress
Or a band t-shirt with
Jeans in distress -
Boy or girl or anything in between,
Stand before that mirror
Take a twirl
And see how beautiful you are.
Go for a run,
Have some fun,
Watch Netflix until your eyes burn,
Curl up in bed -
Take a vacation from your head.
Phone a friend
And talk for hours,
Or stay in your room
And wait for the darkness
To end -
No need to pretend,
Just do what you need.
Paint a picture
Or write a sonnet,
Or just sit still
And breathe -
Things will
Get better.
Pick some flowers,
Take hours
Just for yourself -
You are just as special
As anyone else.
  Fox and the Girl: Part 1The trees, looming and casting shadows over the river, were vivid in colors. Most of the leaves were ready to fall to the ground, but still maintained a light grasp on the branches. Coming here during this time of the year relaxed me. I leaned against one of the trees and allowed myself to slide down until I was sitting.
All the grass in the area had changed to a dry yellow. I closed my eyes, and listened to the river’s dull hum. I took in a deep breath and could almost taste autumn. After a moment of listening to the river, I heard some leaves rustle somewhere in the distance. I glanced around and my eyes widened as they settled on the copper-colored beast.
The fur-covered beast was standing only a few feet away from me; it seemed to be a fox, but much larger. Under normal circumstances, I think I might’ve been scared; its eyes gave off a peaceful warmth with their amber glow. I would’ve fled just at that moment had it not been for the mere size and peculiarity of th
  A night with youI could never get over the shock it gave me the vision of your body so perfect.
A muse, a siren, a sylph, a willing woman of passion, of love, of warmth.
Tonight will become my happiness, because it would be the first time, the first time it would be a true love.
We are that fire, we are that light.
I hope the night will not disturb our dreams, full of our greatness.
Of passion and horror, of curiosity and desire, as they will never be after tonight.
You're the torment turned into cure.
Not of pain, but of satisfaction and gratitude.
And we'll be just time, without compass fixed in our blood, you will remain the same women forever, the one perhaps you abandoned for not pleased your desires with mine ..
We must end this ritual to start a new and different, until the moon is tired of seeing us and abandon us.
You have left your smell in my thirsty lips, and your petals on my pillow, and now I dream of you unable to touch you, I’m tied to you forever.
I try to convince me that this
Interstellar Wormhole by ErikShoemaker
Re-Imagining: Star Trek Into Darkness by jarredspekter
batman returns poster by strongstuffDragon by beastofoblivion mondo : wreck-it ralph by strongstuff Ibara riato by arpegius1997shaun of the dead poster by strongstuff
0713 by foto-duet
Memory by chaoslavawolf
The Crown by alexstoneart Sir Billy the Cockatrice by arvalis Polarbear [wallpaper] by fkyhdino League of Legends - Janna by vaxzone Forget Me Not by wataboku
Jewelry by Lunarieen UK by LUNARIEEN
Angel (light) by jameswolf
The world turns on the Passo Giau by JamesRushforth Secrets of Books by tincek-marincek Sad Chee by Silverfox5213 It's not about the destination... by TehAngelsCry
By the Banyan Tree by Altalamatox
goblin personal shark Jaw submarine by breathing2004
only B W by sultan-alghamdi Star Wars 7 Poster by oroster Battle of the Eyrie by RalphHorsley The Land of the Dead by neverdying 
Anivia Volcanic Rebirth - League of Legends by o0dzaka0o
Lonely Wheelchair - The Last Outing 1 by ferobanjo 17 Heroes Combined into one Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS The Gift of Imagination by SelectYourself Another adventure by Telmand Venom by nina-YIron Claws
Iron Claws by DevBurmak
DG: The Loremaster by Nayro

Written by


Udara Jay.


:iconlancelight: :iconpraporsiza: :icondahub: :iconyudhabastard: :iconmaplesyrupy:


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